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design an outfit for florence

September 30, 2010 in fashion by Lauren

I’m a big fan of Florence and the Machine. Aside from the most powerful white-girl voice ever and a head of flaming red hair, Florence Welch also boasts a fabulous eclectic style.

Now you have the chance to contribute your own creative genius to Florence’s wardrobe by designing a stage outfit for her to wear for her performance at Terminal 5 in New York.

So what do you get if your outfit wins? Well, for starters, Florence will wear your design for the afore mentioned performance. You’ll also get $500 cash, transportation to New York, 2 nights accommodation at Soho House, you’ll see Florence + the Machine perform at Terminal 5 AND you’ll meet Florence and the band backstage.

Submissions will be judged by Florence, her stylist Aldene Johnson, and Lucky Magazine’s Creative Director Andrea Linett but you only have four days left to get your entry in so get drawing!

Find out all the details at Good luck!

by Lauren

in the news: a model stuff-up

September 29, 2010 in news by Lauren

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Sarah Murdoch, host of Australia’s Next Top Model, accidentally said the wrong model’s name when she was reading out the winner last night. Oops!

It would be so easy to insert a blonde/model/yo-mama joke in here but the look of absolute devastation and embarrassment on her face make me just want to give her a hug and tell her it’ll all be fine.

And apparently it will be fine – ANTM gets a whole lot of extra publicity (prompting some to suggest it was a publicity stunt), Harper’s Bazaar has decided to print both girls’ covers for their November issue, and Foxtel is said to be compensating runner-up Kelsey by awarding her $25,000 and a trip to New York to make up for the error.

It makes me feel a wee bit sick when I watch it but if you want to experience the awkward moment for yourself, you can watch it below (apologies for the poor quality).

So, congratulations to Kelsey. I mean Amanda. Congratulations Amanda!

by Lauren

in the news: where australia shines

September 28, 2010 in news by Lauren

From the people who brought you the best job in the world comes the first new brand for Australia’s sunshine state in over a decade – Queensland, Where Australia Shines.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should reveal that Tourism Queensland hands me my pay check – but that doesn’t mean I don’t genuinely think it’s a great new brand because I really do. I know my colleagues put a lot of work into this concept and I think it has really paid off because the below clip makes me want to grab my friends and run along a beautiful beach – and I don’t even really like the beach!

We’ve already established I might be a little biased so what do you think? Does it make you want to have your own shining holiday in Queensland?

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lusting for: harbingers of fall dress

September 27, 2010 in fashion by Lauren

Why does my Mondayitis always lead me straight to the Anthropologie website? It’s as though there’s some magnetic attraction that kicks in as the exact moment I realise my deadlines are looming and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to resist.

The source of today’s lust is the newly listed Harbingers of Fall dress (right). Now I realise here in sunny Brisbane (where the temperature is already a balmy 27’C / 80’F), it’s nowhere near fall, but this dress is just too pretty to let its name dictate its seasonal appropriateness.

With a wool skirt, silk blouse, shoulder details and work/play wardrobe crossover capabilities, what’s not to love?

Find it on Anthro’s website for US$158 or AUD$172.05 on the Australian site.

by Lauren

eating out: little greek taverna

September 27, 2010 in restaurants by Lauren

Last Thursday, my girlfriends took me out for an early birthday dinner at a place that will now be known as my favourite West End restaurant – the Little Greek Taverna.

Nestled on the corner of Browning, Melbourne and Boundary Streets, this little piece of Greek heaven opened in December last year and seems to have garnered a healthy crowd of regulars. I wonder how I’ve managed to miss it until now!

I love Greek food but this is definitely some of the best I’ve had in Brisbane. To start, we shared some pita ($3) with tzatziki ($4) and some fried haloumi ($8). Both were delicious and set our mouths watering for more.

For the main, I opted for lamb cutlets with Greek salad ($15) and it was truly one of the most simple yet most delicious meals I’ve had in some time. The meat was cooked to perfection and the salad was fresh and deliciously dressed. I’m not at all ashamed to say I chewed on the bones because I didn’t want to waste a single bit of tasty, tasty meat (sorry Mum!). The other girls chose the lamb souvlaki and salad ($13.50), which was also incredible (yes, I stole a taste).

I have to say the restaurant is amazing. The service is friendly and fast, the menu was comprehensive and the bill was tiny. The only downside was that it was a little loud but truth be told, we were too busy stuffing our faces to talk. I definitely plan to head back for another meal soon!

Where to find it: 1 Browning Street, West End
Where to find it online:

Little Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon

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