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auld lang syne…

December 31, 2010 in admin by Lauren

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to the old (2010) and welcome the new (2011). I hope you’ve enjoyed my retrospective on the year that was over the past week – I know I’ve enjoyed putting it together.

This has been my first year of blogging and I really appreciate you coming for the ride with me. I started The Dernier Cri as a way to keep up my journalism skills while working in a different field. I scribble away here about things that interest me and I’m glad you find them interesting too.

I’ve managed to not miss a weekday post since I started in March (and threw in some weekend posts too for good measure), which is something I’m very proud of this year. I’ll be returning to my regular weekday blogging schedule on Monday, so make sure you pop back for the latest in news, fashion, eating out and film.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and safe new year, and I’ll see you back here in 2011!

by Lauren

2010 in review: lusting for

December 30, 2010 in fashion by Lauren

two paths trench - simply divine!Throughout 2010, I posted 42 items that I was lusting for. Amazingly, I have only bought seven of those items (and returned one of those – that would be the Stella for Target ribbon tie dress).

Some of the 37 items I didn’t buy because I missed out – like the Hello Sunday Blazer or Stilled Night Dress. Others I decided I didn’t really want after all – like Calvin Klein’s re-released Clueless Dress or the Count the Waves Dress. And others again I decided I had no use for, even though they were really cool – like the Bookbook or the Betty White Hoodie.

I still have hope that some will go on sale and make their way to my closet, in particular the Andrick Coat and the A Winter’s Night Skirt.

I did end up with a couple of items I love. My #2 purchase of the year was the Sugar and Cream Dress. It’s so beautiful and fits like a dream. It was the perfect dress for my birthday this year.

However my top purchase of the year was actually based on my second post ever – the Two Paths Trench. I had long been lusting for a trench similar to the Burberry one Robin wore on How I Met Your Mother last year and found this affordable alternative at Anthropologie in March. I wore it throughout the whole of the Brisbane winter and can’t wait to pull it out again next season.

What were you lusting for this year? And what did you actually buy?

by Lauren

2010 in review: news

December 29, 2010 in news by Lauren

We’ve covered a lot of interesting news stories this year here on The Dernier Cri so let’s take a look back at some of my favourites.

Weird But True #1: Back in April, we learned British computer game retailer GameStation legally owned the souls of thousands of its online shoppers after inserting an “immortal soul clause” into its terms and conditions, reminding us all to read the Ts & Cs before ticking the box.

Espionage: In June, the CIA cracked a Russian spy ring with the spies sent to infiltrate US policy circles and report back to Moscow. It was like a Cold War thriller had come to life!

Australian: Also in June, Julia Gillard toppled Kevin Rudd to become Australia’s first ever female Prime Minister. She went on to hold power following an incredibly close August election where the decision of who would win came down to the Independents.

Awkward: In September, we cringed as Sarah Murdoch read out the wrong name when announcing winner of Australia’s Next Top Model.

International Affairs: Politics is my day job so I tend to avoid it on here, however one story in particular needed to be addressed. Hillary Clinton wore a butterfly clip to the UN and her accessory choice made bigger news than the talks themselves. Shame.

Engagement: Prince William and Kate Middleton created one of the biggest news stories of the year when they announced their engagement in November.

Weird But True #2: I don’t think we’ll see Wills and Kate joining the trend but in October, McDonald’s in Hong Kong started running McWeddings.

Death: While it happened before I started this blog, Alexander McQueen’s death had a profound effect on the fashion community. In November, the Costume Institute at the Met announced it will be hosting a McQueen exhibit from May 2011.

Obviously there were plenty of major news stories from 2010 not included here (e.g. the Chilean mine disaster, the Haitian earthquake). What are your most memorable news stories of 2010?

by Lauren

2010 in review: fashion

December 28, 2010 in fashion by Lauren

Given the primary focus of The Dernier Cri throughout 2010 has been on fashion, it would be amiss not to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the best looks of the year.

I’ll focus only on what I’ve covered through this blog, but please feel free to share your own favourite looks in the comments.

Best Diffusion Line: Several big designers took the diffusion route this year, partnering with chain stores to give those of us with tighter budgets the chance to own a little piece of designer fashion. Valentino partnered with Gap, Stella McCartney came back for a second round at Target Australia, and Mulberry gave plastic bags a go at Target USA.

However, when considering the quality and similarity of design between the diffusion line and the standard line, the best execution has to go to Lanvin x H&M. The designs were luxe, the prices were reasonable (for Lanvin that is, not H&M) and the crowds went wild.

Best Red Carpet Outfit: This is always a difficult one and given I wasn’t the most dedicated red carpet reporter this year, it’s even harder (but I promise I’ll aim to do better over the looming awards season). I still give January Jones points for her spectacular blue Versace gown at the Emmys – I know she featured on both best and worst dressed lists following the event but I love that she took the risk.

However, I was most impressed with Emma Watson this year – her Deathly Hallows premiere dress was edgy and youthful, while her flowing Burberry gown at the Met Costume Institute Gala was eye-catching and understatedly sexy. It’s the latter that gets my top vote this year.

Most Controversial Outfit: This is by far the easiest category to judge, and I’m sure many of you will agree with my choice – Lady Gaga’s meaty frock at the VMAs.

Surprise Iconic Dress of the Year: The announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton in November was really an introduction to what will surely be a lifetime of iconic dresses from the future princess. The blue Issa frock she wore to announce her engagement has already reached cult status and no doubt her wedding dress will be even more lusted after from April next year.

What do you think are the most memorable outfits from 2010?

by Lauren

2010 in review: music

December 27, 2010 in music by Lauren

Around this time each year, I search through my mind in an attempt to remember the ten best songs I rocked out to / belted out in my car / danced to all night / etc.

I take my voting in the Triple J Hottest 100 very seriously (some would say too seriously) so below is my eclectic collection of picks for this year in alphabetical order by band. Click on the song title to hear each song.

Caribou – Odessa: Everytime this one came on the radio, I wanted to dance. Love it!

Cee Lo Green – F* U: I love the juxtaposition of mo-town tune and coarse language. I also love any excuse to use the word juxtaposition.

Children Collide – My Eagle: This one was on Sunday morning high rotation and, really, who doesn’t want an eagle looking out for them?

Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith – Not in Love: It’s like The Cure discovered electronic music. Possibly my favourite song this year.

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand: Everyone I know hates it but there’s something there that I just love.

Flight Facilities – Crave You: For some reason, this song was always on the radio when I got in the car and I love it. Perfectly sums up what I’m sure every girl has felt as some point.

Gypsy and the Cat – Jonah Vark: Awesome song by a great up-and-coming Australian band – as the band said themselves, it’s a little bit reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better: A friend insisted on playing this song every time we got together so it reminds me of good times throughout the year. Plus the film clip is nuts – check it out below.

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus: Beautiful instrumentation and vocals. It’s not one to rock out to but this one really gives me goose bumps.

Pendulum – ABC News Theme Remix: Who would’ve thought the ABC news theme could become a dance floor hit? Points for quirkiness!

What’s your favourite song of 2010?

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