lusting for: meteorologist necklace

It’s been raining all week in Brisbane and while there is a cheeky bit of sunshine peeking through as I type, the wet weather is predicted to stick around for some time yet.

Now, I’m no meteorologist – even if I’m predicting (AKA hoping for) blue skies this weekend – but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear this cute brass necklace from Modcloth.

The adorable laser-cut weather charms may match the clouds outside but they’ll definitely lift my spirits. With its 35″ chain, it will also be one of those great pieces you can throw on to jazz up any outfit.

Buy your own online from Modcloth for US$61.99 – and don’t forget, they ship direct to Australia so take advantage of the near US-Australian dollar parity and stock up on their fabulous vintage inspired pieces.

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1 thought on “lusting for: meteorologist necklace”

  • I love this necklace! It is so adorable. I actually have had my eye on a bunch of things from the Monserat de Lucca line — their jewelry is so quirky and fun! And btw, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂

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