at the movies: easy a

The boy and I were looking for a light-hearted Sunday night movie and Easy A seemed to fit the bill. We turned up to the cinema to buy our tickets and when asked which seats we wanted, we were told “take your pick, you’re the only people in the whole theatre”. Hmm. Not a good sign.

So what’s it about? Emma Stone plays the very likable good girl Olive Penderghast, who finds herself the subject of the school rumour mill after telling a little white lie about losing her virginity. Enjoying the attention, she agrees to help out a bullied classmate by pretending to sleep with him (he’s gay, you see, and that’s apparently unacceptable at high school). Olive’s reputation continues to grow as she helps out more and more classmates and soon she’s the “sluttiest” girl in the school – with interesting consequences.

I actually really enjoyed this film. While it was a pretty standard high school movie, there were some great lines and some thoroughly entertaining performances (most notably Stanley Tucci as Olive’s step-dad). I thought Emma Stone was fantastic in the lead role and I’m looking forward to seeing where she goes to from here (the next Spiderman film is apparently on the cards).

What did I take away from Easy A? An overwhelming desire to make my hair look like Emma Stone’s (I have an appointment with my stylist next Wednesday) and “I’ve got a pocket full of sunshine” stuck in my head for days. I recommend it if you’re in the mood for something light.

Rating: ***1/2

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