lusting for: rain shoes

A few years back, my job was to convince international companies to move to Queensland. One of the lifestyle reasons I always presented was that Queensland enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Good thing I got out of that game before this year. We’ve already had the wettest September on record and even though we’re less than half way through October, we’ve broken that monthly record too!

The only upside to all the wet weather is that it’s a good excuse to buy new shoes – rain shoes, that is. It’s too hot for rain boots (or duck boots or wellies or gumboots or whatever you personally call them) but cute plastic or rubber ballet flats are just the trick.

I’m rocking a pink leopard print pair from Dav that I picked up on Gilt, my boss is wearing this adorable pair from Fabio Rusconi and all over Brisbane, I’m sure women are starting to embrace shoes made of plastic fantastic.

Why not keep your own tootsies dry with this cute Chinese Laundry pair from Macy’s – you can choose from classic black or, if you prefer, bright yellow or red to brighten up your rainy day. Best of all, they’re currently on sale for $31.50. Keep dry!

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