lusting for: stilled night dress

A couple of weeks ago, I started looking at potential outfits for the looming festive season and now that the party invitations have started coming in, I need to seriously narrow down my ideas.

One dress that I think could have definite wardrobe potential well into the new year is Anthropologie’s Stilled Night Dress by Moulinette Soeurs.

I love the elegant combination of the navy slip with black mesh overlay, while the gorgeous lace around the neck and skirt add the details we know and love from Anthropologie. The synthetic materials give me pause but the classic styling could potentially overcome that negative for me.

According to Kim from Anthroholic, it’s also available in a taupe/brown colourway in store. However the navy/black version makes my list of festive finalists at a cost of $128 (that’s both USD and AUD given we’re at parity – yay!)

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