in the news: silent song

I’ve had trouble coming up with something to blog about today so what does one do when words fail? Turn to silent song, of course.

The British charity single, “2 Minute Silence” has been released to support the Royal British Legion ahead of Remembrance Sunday (when Brits observe two minutes silence at 11am).

The song may not have any words but the film clip features British Prime Minister David Cameron, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, tennis player Andy Murray and British actors Bob Hoskins and David Tennant.

The Royal British Legion’s director general, Chris Simpkins, told the Daily Telegraph, “rather than record a song, we felt the UK public would recognise the poignancy of silence and its clear association with remembrance.”

The track costs £1 and over 29,000 Facebook user have joined a group entitled, I’m going to get the Legion to Number 1 for Remembrance Sunday.

See a sneak peak below and then go do your bit for the Royal British Legion.

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