gift idea #6: jewels for the girls

My general strategy when buying presents for my close girlfriends is to buy something I would like to receive myself. Given we have fairly similar tastes, it seems to work out pretty well.

Necklaces are always a good go-to gift, and I’m very excited that the talented team at Red Phoenix Emporium have brought out their Global Tribe Collection just in time for Christmas.

I love that the new collection features both vibrant, summer colours as well as some more muted pieces. I’m already imagining numerous ways to incorporate several pieces into my wardrobe!

My favourite piece is an update on a perennial Red Phoenix favourite, the Wintour Necklace. I like how the Summer Wintour Necklace combines fuchsia, navy and white for a classic but uplifting look. I also think it’s great that you can wear it as one long string of beads or doubled over as in the photo using the clasp provided.

You can buy the Summer Wintour Necklace for US$98 or check out the entire Global Tribe Collection on the Red Phoenix Emporium website.

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