gift idea #7: shopNBC suggestions

You might remember a couple of months back, I wrote about the great range of jewelry available at ShopNBC and mentioned that sometimes there’s no substitute for real jewels (hint, hint…)

Well now that the holidays are upon us, you might like to check ShopNBC out again for their massive range of gift ideas because – let’s face it – who doesn’t love one-stop shopping! The easiest way to find out their best picks is to check out the network’s social media sites.

You can watch ShopNBC on YouTube for inspiration, including some recently uploaded great gifts to get you cooking (maybe I should buy the boy something from that selection!)

You can also check out the deal of the day by following ShopNBC on Twitter or by visiting the ShopNBC Facebook page. Whichever site you choose, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone on your list!

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