gift idea #23: get baking!

Christmas is only two sleeps away and the stores are complete and utter madness. If you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, why not bake up something special instead!

I’m not the best chef in the world so I’ve turned to my blogroll to get help from the experts…

Glorious Treats has recipes for the most beautiful cookies you’ve ever seen including this beautiful and tasty gingerbread garland (above).

(Author note: I may have actually bought my own cookies from the Shingle Inn – they look homemade and taste fantastic!)

For a different take on rum balls, FashionFoodFatale is rolling some brandy balls – can’t wait to try those out myself!

If you want to make something a little less sweet, star-topped mince pies a la the fabulous Nigella Lawson will go down a treat.

If you have any other favourite Christmas recipes, please share them in the comments – ’tis the season, after all!

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