2010 in review: movies

There’s less than a week left in 2010 so let’s review the best (and worst) of the year, as seen through The Dernier Cri.

What better place to start than with movies – after all, my movie reviews have been among the most popular views on this site with The Runaways review alone recording a whopping 4500 views. So here we go…

Absolute worst film: I should preface this by saying I did see several extraordinarily bad films during the year (Cop Out springs to mind) but as far as reviews on this blog go, nothing beats When In Rome. Seriously, don’t bother.

Biggest disappointment: I had high hopes for Going the Distance, after my own experience in a long-distance relationship but sadly this film didn’t make the grade. It had so much potential but so many opportunities were missed. Too bad, too sad.

Surpring success: This category is a three-way tie. First up is one of my earliest reviews and Tom Ford’s first foray into film making, A Single Man. Who knew Ford could pull it off? Second is a comedy that I didn’t expect to love but it filled my pocket full of sunshine, Easy A. Finally, I expected The Social Network to be an absolute disaster but the pace and humour kept me hooked until the bitter end.

Still waiting: I’m still really looking forward to the Australian release of Black Swan. Another film that is out but I haven’t seen yet is The King’s Speech. Hopefully both will be good enough to make the list next year.

Runner Up: I was amazed that Kirsten Stewart was a pretty decent actress once you got her out of Twilight and into Joan Jett’s wardrobe, and Dakota Fanning really owned the screen in her role as Cherrie Currie. The unexpectedly awesome film, The Runaways, gets runner up this year.

Best Film of 2010: Perhaps it was a dream, perhaps the idea was planted in my mind, but I’m certain the best film I saw this year was Inception. Its originality and execution made it top of my list.

If you want a re-cap of 2010 in film, check out the fantastic YouTube clip below – I’ve seen 37 of the 270 films featured. How many have you seen?

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3 thoughts on “2010 in review: movies”

  • Ah yes, Inception was pretty good! And the Social Network i enjoyed very much.
    It’s funny, i am a fan of twilight and Kstew, but have not yet seen the Runaways. I will have to check it out one day!

  • I have to disagree again! As much as i love Leo (and you know i do), Inception was no way the best film of the year. It was good and i did enjoy it very much, but i though it didn’t live up to it’s potential “mind-blow” factor and was vaguely predictable. Don’t get me wrong though, i did enjoy it but just don’t think it’s the best. As it goes, i thought the Social Network was better than Inception – but then again i love the fast paced, smart allecy dialogue; it’s brilliant, funny, and certainly held my attention. And not knowing the story behind ‘the facebook’ it was really interesting too. Plus despite the fact he’s a total arse, you still end up feeling for him.

    Not seen some of the others, but i will add my worst film of the year – the most recent one i saw which was ‘The Tourist’ with Angelina and Johnny. Couldn’t decide weather it was a action, comedy or romance… it was pretty lame and both me and my boy (not known for predicting the ending of a film) had it down about half an hour in. Another Don’t bother.

    My vote for surprisingly entertaining, even for someone like me who isn’t an action girl, was The A Team. A good light hearted laugh; enough for me to crane my neck for and hour and half on a plane so i could see the screen, rather than read my decent book.

    Really looking forward to Love and Other Drugs. Make sure you get a review of that asap!


  • I feel so bad that you have not been able to see Black Swan. The movie is breathtaking and keeps you locked to the screen until the very last second of the movie. Natalie was astonishing and deserves a couple of oscars for her performance. When you finally get a chance to see it be sure to let me know how it is. P.S.-thanks for your comments on my blog!


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