2010 in review: music

Around this time each year, I search through my mind in an attempt to remember the ten best songs I rocked out to / belted out in my car / danced to all night / etc.

I take my voting in the Triple J Hottest 100 very seriously (some would say too seriously) so below is my eclectic collection of picks for this year in alphabetical order by band. Click on the song title to hear each song.

Caribou – Odessa: Everytime this one came on the radio, I wanted to dance. Love it!

Cee Lo Green – F* U: I love the juxtaposition of mo-town tune and coarse language. I also love any excuse to use the word juxtaposition.

Children Collide – My Eagle: This one was on Sunday morning high rotation and, really, who doesn’t want an eagle looking out for them?

Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith – Not in Love: It’s like The Cure discovered electronic music. Possibly my favourite song this year.

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand: Everyone I know hates it but there’s something there that I just love.

Flight Facilities – Crave You: For some reason, this song was always on the radio when I got in the car and I love it. Perfectly sums up what I’m sure every girl has felt as some point.

Gypsy and the Cat – Jonah Vark: Awesome song by a great up-and-coming Australian band – as the band said themselves, it’s a little bit reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better: A friend insisted on playing this song every time we got together so it reminds me of good times throughout the year. Plus the film clip is nuts – check it out below.

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus: Beautiful instrumentation and vocals. It’s not one to rock out to but this one really gives me goose bumps.

Pendulum – ABC News Theme Remix: Who would’ve thought the ABC news theme could become a dance floor hit? Points for quirkiness!

What’s your favourite song of 2010?

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5 thoughts on “2010 in review: music”

  • I used to love triple J’s hottest 100!! i remember listening to it, usually at the Big Day Out music festival. I think i’m getting older now and have kind of stopped…grr. I don’t know any of these songs Lauren – told you i’m getting old! 🙂 will have to play em

    • You’re never too old for the Hottest 100 – what’s better than a BBQ at the beach on Australia Day taking a trip down memory lane (even if you’re like me and fail to recognise most of the songs…) I actually didn’t know most of the names of these songs on my list until I looked them up – I’m more a “remember that tune” girl so perhaps they’ll ring a bell when you listen too.

  • L, we can’t be friends any more. It pains me, but what happened to my rock chick uni pal?! 😉 Kidding!

    I know I’ve been out of the country a few years now (and confess to not listening to the radio in the U.K., though i do catch some music telly occasionally) but I recognise very little of that, and whatever that video was, it was worse than JLS. And that’s saying something.

    Tell me what on that list i would like and I’ll look into it! xo

    • @Chrissy. You are mistaken. Boy band singing, typical commercial driven drivel. Then voldemort shows up and has a dance off!, blasts them in the face with his shoop da whoop thing! and then Gary Coleman comes and blows shit up?

      This video is amazing…

    • @Chrissy: I worry I might have accidentally sold my rock goddess soul as part of the package when I sold my drum kit! I suspect that because I had such a good year in general, I wanted to listen to lots of upbeat songs – I think you might like “Not In Love” even though it’s a bit electronic, though “My Eagle” and “Jonah Vark” are probably closest to my old tastes. Also, the “ABC News Theme Remix” is good for a bit of nostalgia. There are lots of Aussie artists in my list this year, which could help explain why you haven’t heard of them too…

      @TheBoy: Thanks for sticking up for me! And yeah, who could go past a disembodied Gary Coleman head destroying everything? I think the boy band bit at the start puts people off…

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