2010 in review: fashion

Given the primary focus of The Dernier Cri throughout 2010 has been on fashion, it would be amiss not to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the best looks of the year.

I’ll focus only on what I’ve covered through this blog, but please feel free to share your own favourite looks in the comments.

Best Diffusion Line: Several big designers took the diffusion route this year, partnering with chain stores to give those of us with tighter budgets the chance to own a little piece of designer fashion. Valentino partnered with Gap, Stella McCartney came back for a second round at Target Australia, and Mulberry gave plastic bags a go at Target USA.

However, when considering the quality and similarity of design between the diffusion line and the standard line, the best execution has to go to Lanvin x H&M. The designs were luxe, the prices were reasonable (for Lanvin that is, not H&M) and the crowds went wild.

Best Red Carpet Outfit: This is always a difficult one and given I wasn’t the most dedicated red carpet reporter this year, it’s even harder (but I promise I’ll aim to do better over the looming awards season). I still give January Jones points for her spectacular blue Versace gown at the Emmys – I know she featured on both best and worst dressed lists following the event but I love that she took the risk.

However, I was most impressed with Emma Watson this year – her Deathly Hallows premiere dress was edgy and youthful, while her flowing Burberry gown at the Met Costume Institute Gala was eye-catching and understatedly sexy. It’s the latter that gets my top vote this year.

Most Controversial Outfit: This is by far the easiest category to judge, and I’m sure many of you will agree with my choice – Lady Gaga’s meaty frock at the VMAs.

Surprise Iconic Dress of the Year: The announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton in November was really an introduction to what will surely be a lifetime of iconic dresses from the future princess. The blue Issa frock she wore to announce her engagement has already reached cult status and no doubt her wedding dress will be even more lusted after from April next year.

What do you think are the most memorable outfits from 2010?

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3 thoughts on “2010 in review: fashion”

  • Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart are my two fave young starlets. They both are gorgeous, talented and rock their own fresh style. As for Lady Gaga, well she isn’t afraid to do her own thing, that’s for sure – but she’s got competition on the strange fashion part now with Katy Perry, Nikki Menaj (sp?) and Ke$ha!

  • @vintageglammz: I completely agree! They say Gaga’s dress didn’t smell particularly meaty but I find that hard to believe…

    @Lisa: Thanks for stopping by! While I’m a fan of Emma’s more classic style, it has been fun to watch Kristen grow into her own eclectic look as well. I think we can expect great things from both of them over the next few years.

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