2010 in review: news

We’ve covered a lot of interesting news stories this year here on The Dernier Cri so let’s take a look back at some of my favourites.

Weird But True #1: Back in April, we learned British computer game retailer GameStation legally owned the souls of thousands of its online shoppers after inserting an “immortal soul clause” into its terms and conditions, reminding us all to read the Ts & Cs before ticking the box.

Espionage: In June, the CIA cracked a Russian spy ring with the spies sent to infiltrate US policy circles and report back to Moscow. It was like a Cold War thriller had come to life!

Australian: Also in June, Julia Gillard toppled Kevin Rudd to become Australia’s first ever female Prime Minister. She went on to hold power following an incredibly close August election where the decision of who would win came down to the Independents.

Awkward: In September, we cringed as Sarah Murdoch read out the wrong name when announcing winner of Australia’s Next Top Model.

International Affairs: Politics is my day job so I tend to avoid it on here, however one story in particular needed to be addressed. Hillary Clinton wore a butterfly clip to the UN and her accessory choice made bigger news than the talks themselves. Shame.

Engagement: Prince William and Kate Middleton created one of the biggest news stories of the year when they announced their engagement in November.

Weird But True #2: I don’t think we’ll see Wills and Kate joining the trend but in October, McDonald’s in Hong Kong started running McWeddings.

Death: While it happened before I started this blog, Alexander McQueen’s death had a profound effect on the fashion community. In November, the Costume Institute at the Met announced it will be hosting a McQueen exhibit from May 2011.

Obviously there were plenty of major news stories from 2010 not included here (e.g. the Chilean mine disaster, the Haitian earthquake). What are your most memorable news stories of 2010?

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2 thoughts on “2010 in review: news”

  • Great recap of the top stories of 2010! Hmm, yes Julia Gillard as first female PM. I actually thought that was a bit harsh of the Labor govt getting rid of Rudd. They could have waited until the elections for that. I guess the other major news stories are the NZ mine disaster and the recent refugee boat incident off christmas island..

    • Thanks Jen – yes, I also thought it was pretty harsh that Labor ditched Rudd, even if it did result in our first female PM. The collapse of public trust in politicians across Australia seemed to really explode this year and I think Rudd’s 11th hour ousting had a lot to do with that.

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