2010 in review: lusting for

two paths trench - simply divine!Throughout 2010, I posted 42 items that I was lusting for. Amazingly, I have only bought seven of those items (and returned one of those – that would be the Stella for Target ribbon tie dress).

Some of the 37 items I didn’t buy because I missed out – like the Hello Sunday Blazer or Stilled Night Dress. Others I decided I didn’t really want after all – like Calvin Klein’s re-released Clueless Dress or the Count the Waves Dress. And others again I decided I had no use for, even though they were really cool – like the Bookbook or the Betty White Hoodie.

I still have hope that some will go on sale and make their way to my closet, in particular the Andrick Coat and the A Winter’s Night Skirt.

I did end up with a couple of items I love. My #2 purchase of the year was the Sugar and Cream Dress. It’s so beautiful and fits like a dream. It was the perfect dress for my birthday this year.

However my top purchase of the year was actually based on my second post ever – the Two Paths Trench. I had long been lusting for a trench similar to the Burberry one Robin wore on How I Met Your Mother last year and found this affordable alternative at Anthropologie in March. I wore it throughout the whole of the Brisbane winter and can’t wait to pull it out again next season.

What were you lusting for this year? And what did you actually buy?

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