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One of my new year’s resolutions is to cut back on the amount I spend on clothes. I have a full wardrobe (so full, in fact, that I’m currently selling a lot of my Anthro items on eBay – see the widget in my sidebar) so I really should take advantage of those items I already own.

One of the ways I plan to do this is by focusing on new accessories instead of clothing (I know, it’s sort of cheating but even shopaholics need a 12-step plan).

I’m trying to make sure the accessories I do buy go with multiple outfits. For example, Anthropologie’s Disheveled by Design necklace is currently sitting on my wishlist.

The coloured pearl-beads interspersed with sparkles and clear beads would make it easy to dress up or down, and I like the interest provided by the haphazard design.

If you’re focusing on accessories this year too (or even if you’re not), you can buy the Disheveled by Design necklace from Anthropologie for US $48.

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2 thoughts on “lusting for: disheveled by design”

  • Aww, i think that’s a good idea to buy accessories rather than clothing – it would sure save you a fortune. Sometimes adding a new accessory instantly adds a new edge to an old item. That anthro necklace would make a great statement piece!

    • Thanks Jen – I’m hoping I can stick with it and show my less worn items of clothing some love (plus the added benefit of keeping my bank balance a little healthier than last year!)

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