lusting for: book bags

In early December, I fell madly in love with Olympia Le Tan’s book clutches, after seeing Natalie Portman carry the Lolita version to the Black Swan premiere.

Le Tan’s intricate reproductions of classic book covers are created using embroidered canvas and the results are truly stunning. While I was desperate to add A Streetcar Named Desire to my accessories drawer, the price was just too far out of my budget at 1087€.

Today while reading Goldenmeans’ blog, I was excited to see Kate Spade has released a newspaper clutch for $125 – but even more excited once I realised it was part of a greater collection that included book cover clutches at a (more) affordable price point!

Kate Spade’s collection is quite impressive – I’m enamoured with the Emma and Great Expectations clutches (both $325). For something a little more substantial, there are also totes available, including a gorgeous yellow The Great Gatsby version ($175).

If you’d like to get your own bookish style on, the collection is available at Kate Spade and Bloomingdale’s.

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