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My favourite store, Anthropologie, will be launching a spin-off bridal boutique on Valentine’s Day called BHLDN (that’s pronounced “beholden” for those playing at home).

Brides-to-be can expect a bit of a sneak peak from Kim over at Anthroholic – so if you’re in the market for a dress for your big day, be sure to pay her a visit.

However there’s plenty in store for those of us who aren’t heading down the aisle as well. You see, BHLDN also stocks “event dresses” – fabulous frocks for bridesmaids, wedding guests or other non-wedding related special occasions.

Glamour is running a preview of the collection and the dresses they feature are all stunning designs with that Anthro twist we love.

The nude dress pictured is my personal favourite – while the colour would do nothing for me, the design is truly spectacular.

The BHLDN web boutique goes live on Monday. Wedding gowns will cost $1,000 to $4,000, and event dresses will cost $200 to $600.

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