at the movies: no strings attached

No Strings Attached has been out for a few weeks now but in honour of Natalie Portman’s Oscar win yesterday, I decided it was high time I ran this review.

You might have noticed that Ms Portman is in about four films that are either out or near release, and this is the fluffiest of the bunch (though I suspect Thor will be the worst of the films).

Emma (Portman), a medical resident, and Adam (Aston Kutcher), a television production assistant and aspiring writer, become friends after a few accidental meetings and decide to use each other for sex (yes, this isn’t a film for the kids – it’s rated R in the US and MA in Australia). The rule is that they will just say friends and not develop feelings for each other.

Of course, this is a fairly predictable romantic comedy but it has some good laughs and the chemistry between the leads is pretty good. Kevin Klein is fabulous as Adam’s girlfriend-stealing father and I would personally love a copy of the Period Mix he makes for Emma (you’ll get it when you see it).

Overall, a fairly entertaining film for a date or a girls’ night.

Rating: ***

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