in the news: daft punk does coke

I know your first thought when you read the title was probably a little more illicit than the truth – Daft Punk has teamed up with Coca-Cola for the 2011 edition of Coke Club.

Last year, we saw Karl Lagerfeld’s stylish take on the contour bottle and Daft Punk’s version is also quite elegant, if a little plain.

The silver and gold aluminum bottles are inspired by the band’s helmets and come in a club-appropriate collector box (see photo). The set will be available from Monday at Colette for €52.

Coca-Cola has also announced that an exclusive item that will be unveiled during May on, with an online contest organised to win this object – if you’re a fan of the band, I’d keep an eye on the site!

P.S. Happy St Patrick’s Day to our Irish (and a wee bit Irish) readers!

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2 thoughts on “in the news: daft punk does coke”

  • This would only be worth it if you are either a) a MAJOR coke drinker b) a MAJOR daft punk fan. I’m neither – especially a) 🙂
    No worries about the shout out. I have decreased my chances of winning the prize, but it’s more fun when more people are involved!!

    • @vintageglammz – you missed c) one of those obsessive collectors who tour the world showing off their collection of limited edition coke cans and bottles! I’m none of the above either (though I have had “around the world” stuck in my head since I wrote this post…) but crazy things like this always interest me.

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