friday film: the world of anna della russo

During Paris Fashion Week, CNN interviewed the other Anna of Vogue – the Italian editrice of Vogue Nippon, Anna Della Russo.

Her life philosophies are as out there as her wardrobe choices (for example, one can go naked if one is wearing the right pair of shoes) and it’s obvious she and her American counterpart couldn’t be more different. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “friday film: the world of anna della russo”

  • Great clip! I really agree with her attitude to fashion – it should’t be about rules or what everyone else is doing or saying you should do; it should be fun! I think it’s a brilliant message x

  • Interesting! She’s not very conventional in her way of dress, but wow, she looks amazing in anything she puts on – even the cherry hat! And she wears 3 outfits a day??! that’s the life 🙂

    • @vintageglammz – I dream of the time I can wear three fabulous outfits every day! Perhaps I should start carrying a spare outfit in my handbag and changing at lunch…

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