in the news: lagerfeld and bilson for magnum

We first heard rumours a few months ago that Kaiser Karl was teaming up with Rachel Bilson to create a series of short films promoting Magnum ice creams and now we can finally see them for ourselves.

Firstly, can I deviate for a moment to comment on how crazy it is that how friends in the US haven’t already been exposed to the joy that is Magnum. It’s chocolate, it’s ice cream, it’s delicious – but until now, it wasn’t available State-side. Seriously. I mean, here in Switzerland, even McDonald’s already offers the Magnum McFlurry!

But back to the films. There are three in total – one featuring a ballerina who needs her ice cream fix, one featuring an art student who needs her ice cream fix, and one featuring a model who (you guessed it) needs her ice cream fix.

The films premiered at the Tribecca Film Festival in New York on Thursday night. I’m not sure what I was expecting – perhaps that Lagerfeld’s creative genius would make me feel like I was really watching a short film instead of just an ad for ice cream – but I was left a little cold (excuse the pun).

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “in the news: lagerfeld and bilson for magnum”

  • Yes, weird. I don’t get it. Is he calling her Olivia? (haha, sorry, I found that distracting.)

    And why don’t we have this amazing ice cream here in the US? SO mean!

    • @Carol – I believe they’re coming out in the US very soon (apparently that’s why they’ve created these ads) so keep an eye on a freezer near you. Seriously, they are amazing!

  • This is the longest magnum ad I’ve ever watched! I couldn’t help notice how beautiful rachel bilson is and forgot about the ice-cream! I love magnums though !

    • @Vintageglammz – Rachel is stunning, isn’t she? I think the ad must have worked on me despite the distraction because now I have a serious craving for that rich chocolate-coated goodness!

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