scottish artists wanted for anthropologie

Anthropologie is busily preparing to open its new Edinburgh store on 15 June but until then, the future home of all things pretty is hidden underneath some rather ugly white hoarding.

Being the creative folks they are, Anthro decided it would be a great idea to ask a Scottish artist to decorate the hoarding. Once the store opens, the hoarding will be broken down into pieces of art that will be given to opening night party guests. Cool idea, right?

If you’re interested in seeing your work on George Street, just submit your proposed sketch by Wednesday 4 May. Full details on the project are available on Central Station.

If you’re not particularly creative but would like to work in the new Edinburgh store, you can apply for a range of jobs through Anthropologie’s EU Careers page.

I think I might just have to schedule in a trip to Edinburgh in mid-June to check out the artwork and the new store…

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