in the news: royal rip-offs

For the past two weeks, have you been wishing you could wear the exact same dress Kate Middleton wore to marry her Prince? Or perhaps you prefer Pippa’s slightly sexy bridesmaid dress? Well, now you can pick up your own royal rip-off courtesy of ABS by Allen Schwarz.

While there are some discrepancies between the original and the retail versions (such as the lace on the sleeves), the inspiration is very obvious.

Lord and Taylor have exclusive sale of the designs for two weeks, though you can only pre-order for now. The dresses will be available online and in store from July.

The ABS version of the Duchess’ wedding dress retails for $900, her reception gown is $450 and Pippa’s bridesmaid gown is $390 (currently on sale for $320).

That’s signficantly less than you’d pay for a McQueen original – but what do you think? Will the low price mean the quality is also less than you’d want in a wedding dress? And, more importantly, will brides really want to wear a dress that everyone has already seen?

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2 thoughts on “in the news: royal rip-offs”

  • hehehe – this was BOUND to happen. It was only a matter of time 🙂
    I think Kate’s dress has inspired brides to be everywhere, but brides should also remember to remain themselves on their special day.

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