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The weather is warming up and that means just one thing – the summer festival season is upon us! As we all know, being outside all day every day (and sleeping in a tent every night) doesn’t mean you can’t still look great while rocking out to your favourite band.

One of my must-have festival accessories (aside from sunscreen, water and a hat) is a handbag that’s big enough to hold my essentials while still looking cute.

I was recently made aware of the new range of American West Handbags at and they suit my needs perfectly.

The tooled leather is gorgeous and sturdy, while the designs are classic enough to go with any outfit.

Personally, I’m a fan of the cross-body bucket handbag in the floral motive (see photo). The colored leather flowers are fun and the cross-body style means I could just sling it across my body and not have to worry about it while I’m dancing up a storm.

The best part about the American West Handbags is that once the festival season is over, they’ll be just as at home in your stylish city wardrobe. Bonus!

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