in the news: harper seven beckham

Congratulations today to David and Victoria Beckham, who have welcomed a sure-to-be-stylish baby girl into their family.

Word on the street is that Victoria has always loved the old English name Harper, while seven is a lucky number. (Apparently Harper Seven also weighed 7 lbs and was born in the seventh hour in the seventh month on the seventh day of the week, and seven was David’s jersey number for Man U and the English national team.)

However, I immediately jumped to the same conclusion as Lela London did on her Twitter feed – the couple chose their favourite author’s name coupled with their favourite Brad Pitt movie. Perhaps I’ll follow the tradition and call my daughter Jane Fight Club (yeah, that’s right, you won’t want to mess with her!)

Update: If you’d like to check out some cute photos of little Harper, click on the links to see her with her mum and her dad

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