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I’m preparing to move apartments (again!) and I can’t help but covet gorgeous pieces of furniture that would help turn my casa into my castle.

I’m particularly enamoured with the work of Draga Obradovic, whose designs are currently featured in Anthropologie’s Rockefeller Center gallery as part of the exhibition Chair Wear: Bespoke Furniture by Draga Obradovic.

Anthropologie says Obradovic’s process for creating and fitting fabric to furniture is highly personal and can be likened to designing a garment for an individual. Using a patented method, Obradovic thickly paints on fabric to create upholstery that is smooth to the touch yet rough to the eye. It appears like worn fine leather with evocative cracking and roughness but is hardwearing and waterproof. Decoration is often a reflection of the artist’s thoughts, impressed on pieces as written word, ethnic motifs or collage.

Chair Wear: Bespoke Furniture by Draga Obradovic will be showing until October 3rd at Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center. Pieces are on sale for $1200 – $2600, and a complementary capsule collection of 12 pieces on Anthropologie’s website. Obradovic is also designing a limited edition furniture collection for Anthropologie for Spring 2012 so keep an eye out for that!

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