in the news: sex and the city back on tv?

A couple of months back, we heard that a SATC prequel film might be in the works, starring Blake Lively (at the time reported to be a young Carrie, now thought to be a young Samantha).

However, the hot new word on the street is that the prequel won’t be a film at all, but a TV show. That’s right – if the rumour mill is to be believed, Sex and the City: The Early Years could hit a small screen near you in the not too distant future.

Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker has also signed on to produce the new series. No actresses have been named, though earlier film-related speculation suggested Lively could be joined by Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie, Selena Gomez as Charlotte and Emma Roberts as Miranda.

Of course, original series creator Darren Star hasn’t confirmed the rumours (actually, nobody has) but I’d be equal parts excited and nervous to see the prequel series come to fruition. What do you think of the possibility?

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2 thoughts on “in the news: sex and the city back on tv?”

  • You’ve got to be joking!!! Way to spoil a great series and then one good movie (not seen the second movie but heard not so nice things..). Have seen every episode of the series over and over … Why can’t they just leave good things be rather than trying to squeeze every last money-making drop out of them?

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