lusting for: rodna halter dress

There’s been a lot going on in the Anthro blogging world over the past few days (Jewish Girl can give you the round-up) but regardless of what’s going on in the blogosphere, I have nothing but love for the newest arrivals at my favourite store!

I am particularly a big fan of the Rodna Halter Dress (right). It has shot to the top of my wishlist – I can see myself wearing it throughout the cooler months to all my special occasions, including all my Christmas parties.

It is made of gorgeous green corduroy and has a removable halter strap. I can imagine twirling on the dance floor in that full skirt and my fingers are crossed that it will be in stock when I get to London later this week. I’ll update with a review if it is.

The Rodna Halter Dress is available from Anthropologie for $158 (it was also on the European website last week but has now mysteriously disappeared).

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2 thoughts on “lusting for: rodna halter dress”

  • I really love that dress too. It has indeed dissapearedfrom the EU site :s I hope it comes back, because it’s such a nice addition to an Anthro wardrobe :))


    • @Dee – I really hope it comes back to the EU site too, otherwise I might have to splash out on US shipping (and the inevitable customs charges that come with it!)

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