drink up: the laneway

After my trip to Melbourne, I’m loving the laneway vibe. It seems Brisbane City Council is sharing my thoughts, with the Vibrant Laneways and Small Spaces project now well and truly underway. Come June 2010, Burnett Lane (that alley between Queen and Adelaide Streets that runs from George Street to Albert Street) will be converted to a hip and happening site for boutique bars. That’s all very well but where can I go right now?

The answer is the The Laneway. Sounds obvious, right? The Laneway at Urbane has the honour of being Brisbane’s first laneway bar and since opening in November has gathered a small but loyal following. It’s small, as a laneway bar should be, and even the call liquor is quality. Some say the venue is pretentious but I doubt they’ve given it a chance – the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and I’ve happily tucked myself away in the corner after a long day at work with a cocktail and order of tapas. Give it a go for a post-work tipple.

Where to find it: Spencer Lane (off Margaret St between Edward and Felix Sts)
Open: until midnight (except Sunday)

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