lusting for: jason wu for target

The next designer diffusion line to hit the racks will be Jason Wu for Target. While we’ve been getting peeks at the collection for the past few weeks, we can now check out the entire collection (thanks to Fashionista).

I must confess I love almost every piece of this line and given no piece will cost over $49.99, I might have to add a few to my closet.

The sailor dress, the blue dot dress and the cat tote are all fighting their way onto my shopping list, but my favourite item has to be the feminine white dress with black lace petticoat (right). Won’t it be just perfect for summer?

Jason Wu for Target will be released on 5 February in US stores and online.

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2 thoughts on “lusting for: jason wu for target”

  • There are actually quite a few pieces that I am digging in this collection – that white dress, the black and white dress, the yellow and black dress(?), and on and on. I’m still not planning to fist fight my way through Target at 9am sharp though!

    • @respect the shoes – I wish I could be there to fight my way to the counter in person. Instead, I’ll be sitting here hoping the website doesn’t crash!

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