fashion inspiration: the hunger games

It’s not like me to miss a cult book but for some reason, The Hunger Games slipped right by me. That meant I was able to watch the film over the weekend with fresh eyes and while I was obviously impressed with the storyline, the fashion of the Capitol has really stuck with me.

To me, Capitol fashion is an over-the-top version of Marie Antoinette meets the 1980s. Everything about the look is extreme – the colour, the shapes, the make-up, the hair. Let’s break down the elements because, let’s face it, you can’t get away with a full-on replication unless you’re Lady Gaga!

Colour: The colours in the Capitol are intensely saturated, for an incredibly luxe look. Effie (Elizabeth Banks) looks incredible in vibrant purple-pink, which just happens to be an on-trend colour for spring.

Wear a similar hue in a more 2012 friendly style from Kate Spade ($448.00).

Shape: The clothing shapes worn by the characters in the Capitol are extreme. There are leg-of-mutton sleeves (see Effie above), peplum hems and even a few bustles! The peplum is the easiest trend to try at home because it’s everywhere this season.

Channel Effie (if she was a little less demure) in this Aqua Claudia Structured Peplum Mini Dress from Asos (now $193.37).

If your fashion budget stretches a little further, You could also try this incredible dress from Notte by Marchesa (€372.76) – can’t you just imagine a pre-apocalyptic Capitol going nuts over this design?

Make-up: I don’t think any of us want to cake our faces like the Capitol women (and men) do, but the eyelashes they wear and fabulous eye make-up can easily translate to a party look.

Recreate her look with Paperself’s Deer and Butterfly lashes from Sephora (now $9).

Hair: Capitol hair can probably only be achieved with a wig but a spray in colour could give you some of the intensity you desire, even if you don’t have the volume. Alternatively, stick a giant flower on your head and call it a day.

Etsy is a veritable treasure trove of Capitol-inspired hair-wear. Try this fascinator by Starz Selection ($38).

And there you have it, citizens! You’re ready to take on your own fashionable Hunger Games – I hope Cinna would be proud.

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