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Every Sunday night, an epic battle is staged in our house. I want to watch Mad Men first, while the boy wants to go straight to Game of Thrones. While the violence of the HBO series is a bit much for me, the storyline is definitely captivating and the realm is full of fantasy fashion.

Danaerys – the rightful heir to the throne and khaleesi of the Dothraki tribe – has some of the best clothes that are also most workable inspiration for everyday life. Check out the elements below and you’ll be on your way.

Natural fibres: Leather, cotton, linen, silks and furs are popular fabrics for all the major characters in Game of Thrones. While a faux-fur can work with a great dress in winter, in summer it’s best to stick to lighter garments.

A white dress with clean lines is perfect, like this silk Parker Wrap Dress ($242) from Shopbop.

Neutral colours: While some of the other characters in the show get to wear bright colours, Danaerys usually sticks to neutral colours that embrace her femininity.

I think that if she lived in 2012, Danaerys would completely rock Reiss’ Parka Maxi Dress ($370).

Show some skin: Danaerys knows how to show some skin without looking sleazy (and, remember, this is HBO so there’s no need to be coy). Her Dothraki outfits are frequently midriff-baring (though occassionally much more is bared!)

Unless you’re a teenager, it can be a little hard to pull off a midriff in real life so why not try some tasteful cutouts instead. The Deity Midi Dress ($230) from Anthropologie’s Made in Kind range is just the ticket.

Feminine draping: Finally, feminine draping is key. Whether it’s a bias cut or a Grecian gather, the details make this look work.

I love this gorgeous Rachel Gilbert Samba one-shoulder silk-georgette gown ($1,385) – the colour and grecian drape make it so feminine and pretty.

Hair: Most of the women in the show wear their hair loose or half-up in braids. Forever Yours Beauty has a fantastic tutorial on how to do your hair Khaleesi-style.

If all other fashion inspiration fails, you could always just cover yourself in ash and wear a dragon on your shoulder – Game of Thrones inspired outfit made!

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