(almost) at the movies: lola versus

You all know I love a bit of quirky in my rom-coms and I think Lola Versus might just have what it takes.

Fox Searchlight is choosing to promote the film as being “from the studio that brought you (500) Days of Summer” but I think it might have more going for it than that.

Greta Gerwing (who did a great job in Arthur) plays 29-year-old Lola, who is dumped by her boyfriend three weeks before their wedding. The film follows her trials and tribulations as she faces turning 30 as a single woman (shock, horror!)

There are no big names in Lola Versus, but it wouldn’t have a chance of being a breakthrough indie hit if it did, would it now?

Lola Versus will be released in the US on 8 June 2012. No word on international releases at this time.

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