what’s on: anthropologie’s earth day activities

As you might remember, I used to work for Tourism Queensland promoting Australia’s sunshine state and the Great Barrier Reef. Perhaps that’s why I’m so excited about the series of workshops Anthropologie is running for Earth Day this year.

The whimsical retailer has teamed up with the Wyland Foundation to promote the conservation and protection of coral reefs.

To capture attention and spark a public dialogue, the stores will unveil innovative window displays featuring three dimensional coral and ocean-life artwork created by Anthropologie’s talented teams of visual artists (see above). Each store will have a unique installation, only sharing in common the aquatic theme. Recycled materials such as paper, grocery bags and coffee filters were used along with wax and other common materials to create the uncommon displays.

Customers will also have an opportunity to show their support by bidding on the original displays made for the windows at many locations across the country. Silent auction winners will take home original artwork and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Wyland Foundation.

Leading up to Earth Day, customers and their children will also be invited to join special free of charge, kid-friendly watercolor workshops at 120 Anthropologie stores across the US and Canada. Find out more about the workshops and RSVP on the Anthropologie website.

Does your local Anthropologie store have its Earth Day display up? Are you taking part in the workshops? Tell us about it in the comments.

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