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One of my favourite new shows this year was New Girl. After watching the season finale last week, I’ve decided to combat my inevitable withdrawal from the show over the summer by injecting some Jess (Zooey Deschanel) style into my wardrobe.

Almost everything Jess wears is from stores like Anthropologie, Kate Spade and Zara. That means you can convert almost everything you see her wear on screen into real life (unlike some of our earlier TV and film fashion inspirations). If you’d like to take a twirl in Jess’ clothes, here are the key elements to bear in mind.

Bring on the colour: Jess is not a black-and-white girl. Her outfits always feature vibrant colours – and not always ones you would expect to wear together. Take a risk with complimentary colours, like orange and blue or yellow and purple.

Copy her exact look from the above scene in the Striped Jillian Dress from Kate Spade (now $219).

Go nuts with patterns: One of the most distinctive traits of Jess’ outfits is that she’s not afraid of patterns – and definitely not afraid to combine them. One of my favourite items she wore this season was the cute bicycle pattern dress from the season finale (below – click to enlarge).

While that dress is now sold out, I think Jess would love to get her hands on this Scenic Print Dress by Oasis via Asos ($86.97). It has a similar colour palate to the above dress and would be super cute to wear on summer vacations.

If I were a betting girl, I’d put money on Jess turning up next season in the gorgeous printed pieces by Charlotte Taylor currently at Anthropologie. The Hummingbird Poplin Skirt ($98) and Juggling Figures Silk Blouse ($128) are two pieces that would suit her perfectly.

Show some leg: Has Jess ever worn a pair of pants other than her PJs? I can only remember her ever wearing above-the-knee skirts and dresses. Make like Jess and show off your pins – it’s summer after all!

Kate Spade’s Louella Skirt (now $220) is fun, flirty and summery all in one – and the neutral background of the print will be kind to even the pastiest of legs!

Ballet flats: Being a teacher means Jess needs practical shoes, but she keeps them cute by wearing brightly coloured ballet flats.

J.Crew has an amazing range of colours to suit every outfit (from $125).

Let your personality shine: Jess is a bit quirky and her clothes emphasise your personality. Regardless of whether you share her style, take her lead and wear outfits that reflect the inner you – before you know it, everyone will want to know “who’s that girl?”

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