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Anthropologie is proud to debut The Scribe’s House by Argentinean artist Pablo Lehmann. The installation — vestiges of an imaginary living space crafted from the pages of discarded books — explores the power of language and comprehension. It captures the tension between words, shape, meaning and space in a complex and intimate alternative world.

The space is filled with writing – walls, floor, furniture are covered with words – but devoid of a meta- language. The words on the pages of the books cannot be read or assembled into sentences, so the viewer is left to generate new meaning based on their personal experience.

Keith Johnson, Anthropologie’s curator-at-large, explains, “I was overwhelmed by his complex and complete alternative world. His use of found material gives the work a warmth and timelessness that is at once familiar and entirely new.”

A limited-edition art box created by Lehmann for Anthropologie presents another moment in time. It contains 12 photographs of The Scribe’s House’s rooms in perfect form. They are evidence of what was lost yet provide no answers. Instead they create a dialectical tension between installation and photography, before and after that the viewer is unable to resolve.

The Scribe’s House will be on view at Anthropologie at 50 Rockefeller Plaza from today until 7 November 2012. During Art Basel Miami, (6-9 December 2012), it will be on exhibit at Black Square Gallery.

If you have the chance to check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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