in the news: barbie joins linkedin

Barbie has joined LinkedIn

It seems Barbie is not content with ruling the toy boxes of girls the world over – now she wants to take over the corporate world!

As part of her newest career, Entrepreneur Barbie has joined career networking site LinkedIn. It seems she’s just launched a new company – Dream Incubator – where she is a consultant, “helping girls around the world play out their imagination, try on different careers, and explore the world around them”. Sounds like a great job to me!

Barbie’s LinkedIn page also highlights a range of female entrepreneurs, including Reshma Saujani from Girls Who Code, Jennifer Hyman & Jenny Fleiss from Rent The Runway, and Deborah Jackson from Plum Alley, to inspire girls to break through the “plastic ceiling”.

Barbie’s page doesn’t include a resume listing all of her previous careers (perhaps she’s worried she’ll be judged for being a job-changing, Gen-Y at heart!) but if you want to see the full list of her past exploits, Buzzfeed can help you out.

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