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Mayacama Maxi Dress (Photo: Anthropologie)I’ve just come back from a week in New York and while I manage to considerably grow my closet while I was there, one item continued to elude me.

Anthropologie’s Mayacamas Maxi Dress was sold out in my size in every store in town and because I was only there for a few days, there wasn’t time to order one in for me. Fortunately I’ve noticed it’s still available online so hopefully we will be united very soon!

This is one of those items that didn’t grab me on the website but it is absolutely divine in person. The colours are stunning, and the style and beaded neckline mean that it can be smart casual for the day and then dialed up for the evening.

If you also want to make Mayacamas acquaintance, you should be aware that the sizing is large so make sure you go at least one size down (particularly if you’re smaller on top!)

The Mayacamas Maxi Dress is currently available for $198.

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