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Flick Swan and Victoria Marr of Sleek Technique (Photo: Drew Tommons)Confession time: I’ve never been one for working out. But last year, I was involved in a nasty crash on the slopes that saw me blow out my knee. In the months of recovery that followed, I found that one of the best things for both relieving the pain AND rebuilding my strength was… ballet!

I danced all throughout my childhood and teenage years so it seemed a natural fit that I should come back to it. But the biggest problem I encountered was the lack of adult classes available in Switzerland. I was about to resign myself to plié-ing alone when I discovered Sleek Technique.

The brainchild of dancers Flick Swan and Victoria Marr, Sleek Technique offers a range of pre-recorded ballet workouts as well as live classes that you can join from the comfort of your own home.

The workouts are short enough that you have no excuse for not squeezing in at least one day, and often I’ll combine one of the pre-recorded toning workouts with one of the cardio ones (the times for live classes were previously not amazing for me but now that they’ve added some extra offerings, I’ll have to get onto those too!)

This is the only exercise I’ve ever stuck with so something is obviously working! If you’re into dance, I’d recommend you give Sleek Technique a go!

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