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Robin Williams

Today the world lost a star so bright and full of life that it’s hard to believe. And while on the outside, Robin Williams was brimming with humour and warmth, we learn today that inside he may have been losing a battle.

A number of my nearest and dearest battle depression, often made worse by the stigma surrounding it. Depression is the cancer of the soul. It may not destroy your cells, but it slowly kills you all the same. Those two illnesses may achieve their ultimate aims in different ways but we can’t forget that both can be equally severe and life-threatening. Both can go into remission, but they can be lurking under the surface for years, waiting to attack again, unseen by outsiders. And sometimes, for people suffering either illness, there is no more fight left to give.

If one of comedy’s brightest stars couldn’t beat the darkness, perhaps the world will start to see why it is such a difficult fight to win. While the circumstances are tragic, it gives me hope that the stigma can be broken and that we can change our attitudes to help those who need it. In addition to providing the world so much laughter, wouldn’t it be great if Robin Williams’ legacy could, through its tragedy, now also help those who have lost their laughter?

If you would like to learn more about depression or seek help, please visit BeyondBlue. And please check out this video about Robin Williams and depression, which sums up everything better than I could ever hope to.

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