down the aisle: you’re engaged! now what?

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Guess what – me too! I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you and trading tips and tricks to keep us sane in the lead up to the big day.

Despite being together for almost ten years, we had actually planned to never get married but our lifestyle (including our semi-regular moves across the world) means that having a piece of paper proving our relationship makes life a little easier. So, just before Christmas, I popped the question! We’re now well into the planning stage so I thought I would share the top four tips we have to offer to so far…

Tip #1: Enjoy being engaged!
This seems obvious but the pressure to plan your wedding will start as soon as you announce your engagement. Don’t fall for it! Enjoy this special time – hang out with friends and friends and drink nothing but champagne for at least a month. If a party is your thing, go for it! If not, do it your own way. We opted for a surprise announcement at another celebration we had planned with our nearest and dearest. I also recommend telling as many people in person as you can – it adds to the sense of occasion (and gives you more opportunities for champagne!)

Tip #2: Set your budget first
Once you get down to business, this is absolutely the first thing you should do. Don’t start that Pinterest board until you know what you can spend. If you’ve got somebody to contribute to the budget, that’s fantastic! Just make sure you both set your expectations from the outset – weddings inevitably lead to heightened emotions so a preemptive conversation can save a whole of drama down the road.

Tip #3: Find your couple style
I feel like sometimes people (i.e brides!) need to be reminded that there are two people involved in a wedding. It’s about both of you declaring your love and committing your lives to each other, so the day should reflect both of you. Given we’re not particularly traditional, we have found it a little hard to navigate our way through the wedding market. Fortunately, I’ve found Rock n Roll Bride and Hello May to be great sources of inspiration. We’ve also found a fabulous wedding planner who get us and our approach, and will help us to throw the party of our dreams!

Tip #4: Have fun!
Planning can be stressful and almost every couple seems to have a massive blowout at some stage. Try to remember that this is supposed to be fun! Take time out for date nights to nurture your relationship where you don’t discuss your wedding at all. After all, the big day is just one day of your entire life together so invest in the marriage, not just the wedding!

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