in the news: hollywood sold!

It seems Princess Diana’s ball gown wasn’t the only famous dress to be put up for auction last week.

Marilyn Monroe’s famous pink satin gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was also under the hammer as part of the Profiles in History auction.

The size 14 gown well exceeded its expected asking price of £170,000 ($290,472) to sell for a final price of £213,000 ($363,989).

The auction was one of the biggest ever held in Hollywood, with 1,500 landmark items on offer including:

– Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch of the West hat from The Wizard of Oz (£137,420; $234,833)
– The Holy Grail from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (£10,993; $18,785)
– An X-Wing Fighter filming miniature from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (£65,274; $111,550)
– Johnny Depp’s scissor hands from Edward Scissorhands (£18,885; $32,273) and Jack Sparrow jacket from Pirates of the Caribbean (£12,367; $21,134)
– The Predator mask and 6ft 9in costume from Predator (£54,968; $93,937)
– A rare alien head from Alien (£41,226; $70,463)

However the item I most covet is from my favourite childhood movie, Mary Poppins. Julie Andrew’s magic carpetbag was expected to sell for £8,000 ($13,673) but ended up selling for a whopping £65,274 ($111,566). That’s definitely more than just a spoonful of sugar!

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