eating out: the smoke bbq

I’ve always been a fan of Blue Smoke so I was interested to see what it would be like following its recent revamp and rename. With the boy one arm down at the moment, food we can politely eat without knives and forks is high on the list and The Smoke BBQ was a local and obvious choice.

Not much has changed other than the name and the new, larger kitchen but that’s not a bad thing. The complementary corn bread to start served with honey butter is still amazing and the margaritas are still my cocktail of choice.

The buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese sauce take me back to the States as soon as I bite into them – and you still have a choice of three levels of heat (my personal favourite being “blue hot”, which makes your lips tingle but is still edible).

After licking our fingers following the wings, we shared a full serve of Kansas City baby back ribs. The smoky sauciness was a little slice of southern comfort and the side of coleslaw perfectly offset the rich sauce and chips. On a cold winter’s night, this was just what we both needed.

Wednesday night offers half price wings but don’t forget to book your table in advance because the restaurant packs out – there’s nothing worse than turning up and smelling those tasty, tasy wings but not being able to eat them!

The Smoke BBQ on UrbanspoonWhere to find it: 85 Merthyr Road, New Farm

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