lusting for: the bookbook

I was reading Goldenmeans’ blog today and saw something I now desperately want. I don’t have a MacBook or even an iPad but these cute cases are enough to make me channel Justin Long and declare “I’m a Mac”!

The BookBook is a hardback, leather case that looks just like an old leather-bound book. You can purchase it for 13″, 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pros as well as for the iPad.

I love how this is such a unique and stylish case – the traditional synthetic bag with a padded strap does nothing for me and I’m a little bored of my current bag (an oversized leather handbag from Targus, which is nice but a little unwieldy – see it here). If only it was made for bibliophile PC-users too!

The BookBook comes in black or brown and red, and retails from $69.99 for the iPad version or $79.99-99.99 for the MacBook cover. If you’re a Mac, you can buy one and make me incredibly jealous at

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