2014 in review: movies

I know I said last year that I wanted to see more movies this year, but somehow it didn’t quite work out that way. Can I repeat my resolution for 2015?

Of the films I did get the chance to see, here’s my round-up…

Biggest tear-jerker: The Fault of Our Stars had me actually sobbing en route to Australia earlier this year, which earned me several concerned glances from the cabin crew! I later found out that three friends had all had the same, on-plane experience (including one friend who had only ever cried in one movie in her life!) Take our advice and watch this one at home.

Best film to make you feel normal: I have never felt less messed-up than after I watched Gone Girl. Seriously, I felt completely and utterly normal compared to the characters in that movie!

Best Marvel movie: I feel like this one deserves its own category, as the Marvel universe continues to take over the silver screen (am I a total nerd right now?) For me, it’s all about X-Men: Days of Future Past because I love a good time travel epic but Guardians of the Galaxy gets an honourable mention for being so much fun.

Most anticipated: I can’t wait to see The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything and Birdman.

Best film of 2014: Obviously I’m a little restricted here with my narrow viewing repertoire this year, but I have to give it to The Grand Budapest Hotel.

What are your top picks?

friday film: how to shoot a vogue cover

It’s that time of year when The September Issues hit the shelves and to promote Vogue UK’s edition, the magazine has created a short film directed by photographer Mario Testino.

Cara Delevingne looks amazing as she shows us exactly how to shoot a Vogue cover. And if you’re wondering who created the fantastic backing track, it’s by female rock duo Deap Vally. Happy Friday!

2013 in review: movies

I have to admit that I’ve made far fewer trips to the cinema this year than I would have liked, as you can probably tell by the distinct lack of reviews posted. One of my new year’s resolutions is actually to get back into watching more films and the below mash-up of films from 2013 has made me realise that I have a lot of catching up to do before 2014!

I haven’t even seen enough of the films on the list of releases to make a call on my favourite movie of the year – so instead I’m going to ask you! What was your favourite film of 2013?

friday film: happy

pharrell-happy-music-video-01I love the concept of Pharrell’s new music video – it’s 24 hours of random people dancing down the street to his new song, Happy. Fortunately, it’s the kind of song you can listen to again and again, and it’s just so… happy!

There are some amazing dancers (my favourites are probably the swing dancing couple at 9.08am and Jimmy Kimmel giving a walk-through tour of his studio at 11.48am) and Pharrell himself shows up on the hour every hour.

The video will automatically start at whatever time it is for you where you’re watching but you can skip on through to any time you like. Enjoy – and get happy!

watch it: the lizzie bennet diaries

I know I’m a bit late to the party here but I’ve just discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – and I’m already a huge fan! (Seriously, I’ve spent every spare moment over the past few days catching up!)

So what am I talking about? The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modern interpretation of Pride and Prejudice (which you may have guessed from the title) where Lizzie (Ashley Clements) is a grad student with a video diary. The plot is faithful to Austen’s novel without being completely predicable (for example, Kitty Bennet is actually Lydia’s cat in this version) so even though we know basically what’s going to happen, it all feels fresh and new.

At first, I wondered how it would be possible to modernise a novel so centred around marriage and societal constructs, but it was soon obvious that the Lizzie Bennet team has their act together – proposals are replaced with job offers (though love is still flirting away in the background) and a lot of the cultural observations from the original story are still surprisingly relevant today. I was particularly curious to see how the Lydia scandal would be brought into the 21st century – and let me say that something suitably shocking is currently unfolding!

The cast have great chemistry and the videos are great fun to watch. You really get to know the characters and they feel like real, modern people with real, modern problems. Half the time, I forget I’ve already read the book!

The series will be wrapping up shortly so make sure you catch up before it does – I’ve posted the first video below to get you started!